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Two female researchers demonstrating laboratory and computer work for GET-IN doctoral network


Beneficiary Partner

Building of beneficiary partner Antleron

Antleron ( is an R&D start-up providing innovative, scalable and affordable technology solutions for advanced therapy, vaccine and diagnostic applications, with a focus on personalized and digital manufacturing. Headquartered in Leuven, Antleron operates at the cutting edge between life sciences and (digital) technology within Europe’s leading biotech ecosystem. By combining cells with biomaterials, 3D-printing, risk-based (Quality-by-Design) bioprocess development and digital / soft sensor process control Antleron co-creates ‘factory-of-the-future’ solutions. Antleron’s team of PhDs, engineers, ICT and chemical and bioscience-oriented research profiles offers contract research, as well as co-creative PoC R&D for customized, closed system solutions, also known as ‘in-a-box’, for life science processes and products, ranging from R&D cartridges to GMP single use for ‘on-chip’ point-of-care diagnostics, and for advanced therapy and vaccine manufacturing, respectively. Being an ecosystem start-up, Antleron collaborates with multiple advanced therapy, vaccine and diagnostic industry stakeholders, ranging from start-ups, over SME to Tier 1 international industry leaders. In addition, the Antleron team has a proven track-record in delivering R&D grants at regional and European level.

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